Real silence

Real silence is, when the idea that you are a person is seen as false and can never again gain any reality. Any other silence while that idea persists, is only of the mind and is subject to fluctuations.

PS: The silence in which the noise is clearly heard, is perhaps the real silence!


World is only knowledge of the world

A moment before waking up from sleep there is no world. There is no “I” consciousness, mind consciousness, body consciousness or simply put, world consciousness. So where was the world? It was just as unmanifested ignorance or knowledge. Waking up from sleep is only waking up to the knowledge of what you were before sleep and further continuation of that momentum of knowledge. Suppose you go back to sleep or go into samadhi immediately after waking up from sleep, the world again disappears! The world is only your attention to the unmanifested world-knowledge (mahat). Your continued attention or contemplation of knowledge is the smooth manifestation of the world within your consciousness just like sustained electricity keeps the computer alive.

So, we are the pure consciousness not associated with any knowledge and the appearance of world and “I” are only manifestation of false knowledge superimposed on pure consciousness just like snake and perceiver of snake is superimposed on a rope. Our entire life, entire human experience is only just sustained attention to false knowledge! In spite of this constant attention to false knowledge, we are somehow managing scraps of joy and happiness because the bliss of pure consciousness shines in between thoughts, in between sensations and whenever our attention to self-consciousness slackens a little bit. We are truly happy only in our own absence!

How one becomes many

Suppose you place 10 empty pots in space. Now if the space inside each pot identifies with that pot, then there are 10 individual spaces. But if the space does not identify with the pot, then there is only one space. Likewise if each living body is likened to a pot, and if the consciousness while powering that body, identifies with it, then there will be billions of apparent beings. Suppose if one pot-consciousness disidentifies from that pot, it will realize that there is only one consciousness, non-dual. And then that pot-consciousness, having ended its identification, merely for the sake of communication, starts giving lectures that there is only non-dual consciousness. And few pots ask all kinds of questions and still remain unconvinced while most pots don’t even ask any questions because they are quite happy as pot-consciousness. ☺This is the conundrum of non-duality and the bondage of one becoming many. So just disidentify completely from body and realize your non-dual, unbounded, steady, unflickering nature of pure existent-consciousness-bliss!

PS: In real life, all the objects we experience are object-consciousness only and there are no real objects as such. Also, disidentification means the mind full of fears, anxieties and pleasures that you developed based on the identification that you are body, has to completely disappear.