Gnana and death

In death, the body may appear intact but it has stopped functioning because the jiva who owned the body has left.

In gnana, in which the light of Self has realized its own Reality, the jiva and the body the jiva owns, may appear intact but the identification has shifted to the True Self and the jiva has lost its purpose or rather has served its purpose! Henceforth, it really does not matter what the jiva does or does not do. The ignorant identification with jiva has died, never to come back which also means the end of aggressive defending of one’s individuality which is the cause of all evils.


Who pinches and who is the pinched ?

When one hand pinches the other hand, who pinches and who is the pinched ? There is only the act of pinching. The consciousness behind both the hands is same. Likewise there is only one consciousness behind body and the world. The body affecting the world and world affecting the body are only events of consciousness and there is no division between body and world. But due to ignorance if you identify with the body, then the world becomes your other! Then all your energy is spent in protecting your body against the forces of the world. Instead can you step back from your identification with body and realize the common consciousness between body and world ? Then the experience of pinching loses its meaning or has served its purpose of pushing you back to the pure consciousness behind mind, body and world.

How can body perceive a world if the consciousness behind them is different ? Body is just a cursor in the screen of this world. That is why you don’t perceive the entire world but only a limited range around you. But as your body moves like the cursor, you go to different areas of experience. It is like an ant moving over your entire body. We are all ants moving in the cosmos and the cosmic mind is aware of its cosmic body and the indvidual bodies at the same time just like we are aware of our entire body and the sensations produced by the ant at the same time.

We have been conditioned to believe that we are the fleshy body with consciousness emanating from within the skull. This is a preposterous understanding. “Within the skull” is the error. It only takes into account the body experience and not the mind experience! The mind is not confined to anything. That is why we are able to communicate and share. If mind were confined to skull then we can never perceive a world! Now what to say about the pure consciousness behind the mind ! It is not even confined by the mind ! That is why, we as pure consciousness are ever free, neither bound by mind, nor by body.

Pinch yourself and experience the Pure Consciousness now ☺

Ignorant and Wise

Ignorant people see the limitations outside but wise people see that the limitation is inside. One can know from one’s own actions in each moment of life, if one believes in removing the obstacles to the identification with the body and mind or one’s life is dedicated to complete freedom from the identification with the body and mind.